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Cannabidiol, more commonly known as CBD, has been one of the hottest commodities in the market since the widespread legalization of cannabis in the United States. This should come as no surprise to us, though, as CBD has proven that it can provide a multitude of benefits for its users, such as pain relief, reduced anxiety and depression, alleviation of cancer symptoms, and even better skincare. It can even be used for our pets!

Since its legalization, CBD has been almost everywhere. It could come with your cappuccino from your favorite coffee shop, or it can be used while getting a facial at the spa, or you could even buy beauty products with CBD in their formulas. It comes in a variety of shapes and forms depending on how you want to incorporate it in your life. With the ubiquity of CBD and its current status as a hot commodity, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to try to dip your feet in the industry and start selling CBD on your own. CBD oil is the fundamental product for everyone who wants to have some CBD in their hands, and selling it on your own would likely make you a considerable amount of cash, as long as you establish your brand through wise marketing and advertising.

If you’re looking to venture into the CBD business, here are some digital marketing tips to advertise and sell CBD online to help you make sure that your business will flourish:

Native Advertising

Native advertising means putting up ads that match the form and function of the site where they appear. With the proliferation and widespread legalization of cannabis has come a huge number of cannabis-related platforms online, such as Leafly, Mantis, Adistry, and 420 Network, among a plethora of websites and apps for cannabis enthusiasts. By advertising on these platforms, you are immediately connected to a market of like-minded individuals who have a need for your product, in addition to making your ads pop since they naturally pair well with the platform’s existing content.

Affiliate & Influencer Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the digital age’s word of mouth. Through adopting an affiliate marketing strategy, you’re given the opportunity to exponentially grow the audience of your business, and grab the attention of numerous potential buyers, perhaps even investors.

Another way to boost marketing is by securing the services of influencers. Almost everyone spends a significant chunk of their time in social media sites, and some even make it routine to check on their favorite influencer’s Instagram or YouTube page every other hour for new content. With the loyal following of an influencer, having even just one promote your product is bound to turn some heads and direct attention to your product. Some people might even buy your product just because of the very fact that their favorite influencer uses it.

Podcast Sponsorships

Listening to a podcast has grown to be one of the most popular ways of spending our downtime. There are even some people who listen to podcasts while working, or while on their commute. Podcasts offer much more than background noise, but also useful information and entertainment for their listeners. Sponsoring a podcast is a win-win situation. Not only do you get to help a podcast take off, you also introduce your product to the listeners of the podcast. Plus, you may even give the podcast some content for an episode and maybe even be a guest on the podcast yourself to talk about your business and the world of CBD in general.

OTT Advertising for CBD

For those who aren’t that inclined to spend their free time listening to a podcast, watching movies or television shows on video streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, or Disney+ has often been the way to pass the time. Some on the other hand have replaced their cable with streaming boxes like the Apple TV and Android TV. Fortunately, you can also target these people with your ads through over-the-top advertising, simply known as OTT advertising. OTT advertising is just like the traditional TV ads we’ve grown used to, except that there are generally no restrictions as these ads are delivered through streaming media.

Offer Lead Magnets

Lead magnets are content materials you offer to people in exchange for their email addresses and other contact information. You can create a lead magnet with something that would add value to potential customers, like a free downloadable eBook about CBD, a beginner’s guide, or a short video presentation introducing CBD to potential consumers. Once people are interested in your lead magnet and you are able to get their contact details, you can now encourage more people to take a look and consider buying your product.

Display Advertising

Given how everyone seems to be hooked on the Internet nowadays, putting up ads on various high-traffic websites is an effective way of engaging a wider audience. You must be mindful though of which sites allow ads for your product. One platform you can use to promote your product online is FieldTest, a platform that has struck deals with various online publishers and made them amenable to CBD advertisers.

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